HMP Metrics Product Catalog

Tools and Reports generated from Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) data, with more than 600,000 Medicare cost reports and incorporated Census and LDS financial data.

  • Facility Summary (Free!)
  • Financial Performance
  • Quality Metrics
  • Benchmark Report
  • Data Explorer
  • Cost Report Downloads (Excel Format)

The Skilled Nursing Facility Data Set also includes the data from HCRIS incorporated with Census and LDS claims data.  The SNF Data Set includes an expanded version of the great tools and reports available to the Hospital & Health System Data Set:

  • All the tools and reports listed above
  • Greatly Expanded Quality Metrics and National Benchmarks
  • Patient Pathways 
  • PDPM Impact Calculator
  • Data Explorer with SNF specific metrics

HMP Reporting

HMP Reporting is a rapid, cost effective way to stand up a financial data warehouse across a disparate environment of billing systems.  Unlike most reporting suites that provide you just the software and expect your team to make it work, HMP Reporting is a full-service, cost-effective solution that ensures that your data is accurate, automated, and that you have immediate access to working reports. 

Feel confident about your decisions with proven, supporting data

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