Access all Medicare Hospital Data
$ 495 Per Year
  • Access to all Tools and Reports for the Hospital Dataset
  • Access to Data Explorer for the Hospital Data Set
  • Downloads of Last 5 Years of Cost Reports in Excel Format

Premium Access

Access ALL Available Data
$ 750 Per Year
  • Access both Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility Data Sets
  • Immediate access to all newly added Datasets
  • Access to all available Reports and Tools for ALL Datasets
Best value

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Access all Medicare SNF Data
$ 395 Per Year
  • Access to all Tools and Reports for the SNF Data Set
  • Access to Data Explorer for the SNF Data Set
  • Downloads of Last 5 Years of Cost Reports in Excel Format​

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HMP Metrics provides easy-to-use market data to anyone in the industry who needs to make strategic, informed decisions.  HMP Metrics sets a new standard for how data should work for you. It’s cleaned and scrubbed in a process that’s proven to withstand legal scrutiny.


Medicare Cost Reports


Featured U.S. Hospitals

20+ Years

Of Verified Data

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Comprehensive Reports and Tools

Facility Summary

Review a summary of a provider's performance over time across a wide range of operational, financial and quality metrics

Financial Performance

Compare up to 5 years of financial metrics with detailed income and balance statement insights

Quality Metrics

Get detailed insight into a provider's quality performance against peers on over 100 metrics

Benchmark Report

Compare a provider's performance across hundreds of metrics to other providers against your chosen benchmarks

Strategic Market Data

Understand a provider's strategic position with a deep dive into its competition, demographics, and market share.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows you to easily build your own custom data pulls from our massive centralized repository. Choose from thousands of data points to create the report that you need.

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Professional And Experienced 

What Sets Us Apart

Excellent Track Record.

Thousands of metrics calculate and track financial, operational and quality measures

National Benchmarks

Options to benchmark against customizable peer groups, locally or nationwide


Clean Data

Statistically valid data cleansed of outliers


One Stop Data Source

Comprehensive database of hospitals and health systems